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Fierce Diva - Our Sexy Women's line
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Achilles Bodyjock Achilles Bodyjock Spectre Body String - Men's Sling Shot Bodystring by California Muscle
Achilles Bodyjock • 38.00 Spectre Body String • 25.00
Men's Bodyjock Men's Bodyjock Men's Sling Shot
Circuit Leotard Black - Men's Leotard by California Muscle Minstral Leotard Captor Bodyjock Komodo Bodyjock - Men's Sexy Bodyjock by California Muscle
Minstral Leotard • 38.00 Captor Bodyjock • 36.00 Sprinter Bodyjock • 38.00
Men's Leotard Men's Bodyjock Men's Bodyjock
Keymaster Leotard - Men's Fantasy Leotard by California Muscle
Loki Bodyjock - Men's sexy Bodyjock by California Muscle
Onyx T-Shirt & Galaxy Thong - Men's T-Shirt & C-Ring Thong by California Muscle
Apollo Bodyjock • 36.00
Men's Fantasy Leotard
Men's Bodyjock
Men's T-Shirt & C ring Thong
We’ve taken our signature looks and crafted them into stunning erotic and casual body wear. From casual club wear to erotic body slings as seen in the movie Borat, we are proud to offer some of the sexiest mens body wear you will ever see. Please be sure to browse our complete collection of mens fashion.