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Fierce Diva - Our Sexy Women's line
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Stimulator Enhancing Liner
Taipan Jock - Men's Enhancing Jock with Stimulator Liner by California Muscle
Two enhancing & supportive glory holes are cut into the lining to allow for lift, support and easy access to the penis and testicles.
Taipan Jock • $44.00
Men's Enhancing Jock
Elevator Pouch
Levitator Thong - Men's Enhancing, Sheer, Sexy Thong with Elevator Pouch by California Muscle
Levitator Brief - Men's Enhancing, Sheer and Sexy Brief with Elevator Pouch by California Muscle
Elevator Brief - Men's Enhancing Brief with Elevator Pouch by California Muscle
Designed like a Kangaroo pouch, the male anatomy is placed into the separate pouch which lifts you up for an enlarging effect.
Elevator Brief • $36.00
Sheer, Sexy Thong
Sheer, Sexy Brief
Men's Enhancing Brief  • NEW
Wraparound Enhancing C Ring
Huntsman - Men's Enhancing Swim Brief with Wraparound Ring by California Muscle
A supportive and uplifting ring is pulled underneath from the back and then secured and covered by the front pouch.
  Huntsman • $34.00
Wraparound Ring Swim Brief
Gizmo Ring
Gizmo Thong - Men's Enhancing Sheer Thong with Gizmo Ring by California Muscle Gizmo Brief - Men's Enhancing Sheer Brief with Gizmo Ring  by California Muscle
A variation of the Wraparound Ring®, an attached Sin Ring® pulls underneath from the back, secures around you and then is covered by the front pouch.
Gizmo Thong • $26.00 Gizmo Brief • $27.00
Mens Enhancing Sheer Thong Enhancing Sheer Brief
Erogenos Ring
Erogenos Thong - Men's Enhancing Thong with Erogenos Ring by California Muscle
Erogenos Brief - Men's Enhancing Erotic Brief with Erogenos Ring by California Muscle
The C-Slider Ring® is pulled underneath from the back to provide support and enhancement for your anatomy and then is secured by the front pouch.
Men's Thong with Erogenos Ring
Men's Erotic Brief
At, we have a large selection of the finest custom quality men's swim wear ranging from the conservative to the extreme that allows you to choose the amount of coverage you want to show off to get the perfect tan. Our sexy line of men's swim suits have been designed to flatter your body and draw attention to the male figure.

From sexy micro string thong bikinis to male enhancing swim suits, we have everything you could possibly want for a good time at the beach or pool. Our sexy micro string thongs allow you maximum exposure for a full body tan and are sure to draw a crowd. Many of our swim suits feature our signature enhancing support rings to help you lift your morale, among other things. And for the more modest men out there, we have square cut boxer style swim suits that are a little more low key and provide ample coverage for your ample parts.

Please keep in mind that not every mens swim suit is appropriate for every beach or resort and that our enhancing pouches may not be safe for the faint of heart. Like all of our products, our swim suits are handcrafted in the United States to ensure premium quality and comfort.

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